The contract covers the provision of decoration services via Internet.

§ 1 Basic Provisions

(1) The following terms and conditions apply unless otherwise agreed for all contracts that you https://www.easywaydecor.de us as a supplier on the website, the inclusion of which might be used by you own conditions is contradicted.
(2) Consumers in terms of the following rules shall mean any natural person who enters into a transaction for purposes which can be attributed mostly neither commercial nor its independent vocational activity. Entrepreneur is any natural or legal person or a legal partnership, in concluding a legal transaction in the exercise of its independent professional or commercial activity.

§ 2 Formation of Contract

(1) The object of the contract is the sale of services. Our offers on the Internet are not binding and no binding offer to conclude a contract.
(2) You may submit a binding offer to purchase (order) via the online shopping cart system. The purchasing services intended to be placed in the "basket". Use the appropriate button in the navigation bar, you can call the "shopping cart" and then make changes at any time. After calling the site "Checkout" and entering the personal information and the payment and shipping terms, all order data will be displayed on the order summary page concludes again. Before submitting the order, you have the possibility here to check all the details again to change (also using the "back" of the Internet browser) or cancel the purchase. "Buy" By sending the order via the button, enter a binding offer from us.
(3) The acceptance of the offer (and therefore the contract) is made immediately after the order by confirmation in writing (for example, e-mail), in which you carry out the order or delivery of the goods is confirmed (confirmation of order). If you have not received a corresponding message, you are no longer bound to your order. Optionally already rendered will be returned immediately in this case.
(4) The execution of the order and the transfer of all information necessary in connection with the final contract is partially automated email. They have, therefore, ensure that you stored in your e-mail address is correct, the receiving of emails is technically assured and especially not inhibited by SPAM filters.


After purchasing the decorative package, the procedure is Described below:
1. The Customer completes the questionnaire with familiar tastes, his personal desires, material Supplying stores (furniture, lighting, furnishings etc.) of his choice and the available budget. At the same time, he sends photos, floorplans and any other depiction of his space.
2. Within five (5) working days, our agent will send his proposal, Which includes three (3) different versions. Two of them are related to the Customer's preferences, and the third is generated based on the personal assessment of our partners for the area.
3. The customer selects the proposal to his liking, or formulates his ideas by Selecting tracks from the proposals of our partners. Through e-mail, he can make all suggestions and comments, Which are sent to our partners.
4. Our partners within five (5) working days makes the treatment of the choices and the customer comments, and sends enriched 3D design and floor plan of the space.
5. The Customer ride rates his comments on the choice of
6. Within five (5) working days, our partner completes the proposal and sends the final depiction of space, floorplans, 3D imaging, technical drawings and the list of goods and materials to market With Their prices from the store did the Customer has Indicated.
7. The Customer shall make any comment on the final draft in order to complete the project.
It is Noted did the comments of the client at this stage may not result in a fundamental diversification of the original selection. If radical diversification of project is made, the customer is informed about the surcharge.
8. Our partner sends our comprehensive proposal, ready for implementation.

§ 5. PRICE

The price is paid in full upon purchase of decoration package by credit card.
The calculation of the price shall be based on the declaration of the buyer. In the event did the Buyer has made a false statement (eg square meters or space) he is updated for proper costing.


The client has the right to withdraw with full refund before sending the completed questionnaire and the visualization of the site (photos, floorplans, etc.).
In the event did the Customer does not send questionnaire and data space for more than two (2) months he wants to be noticed by email from our partners.
If the client does not respond to our partner within two (2) months, the Customer loose the right to a refund.

§7. LIABILITY FOR Materials- Limitation

For the selection, quality and defects of materials used we do not bear any responsibility whatsoever.

§ 8. Jurisdiction / Applicable Law

The applicable law for every matter that may arise is the law of the Federal Republic of Germany