Online Decoration Consulting Service

Are you a DIY person? You have a good sense of decoration but you are not sure about the details? You want to change your room but you are on a budget?

EasyWayDecor has launched a new decoration consulting service, made to cover your needs!
Decoration professionals offer you specialized consulting and guidance so that you can complete your project fast and cost-effectively. Plus, you get 20% discount for our "Complete Online Decoration" service!

Who needs this service?

  • DYIers
  • Someone on a budget who wants to decorate/change a room
  • Someone who wants to add some professional details such as lighting, furniture etc
  • Someone who feels that "something is not right" with their space


  • Preparation of the session: We study all the information you share with us (photos, briefing) so that when we start the cosultation, we can provide you suggestions and guidance immediately
  • Real-time decoration and design suggestions via an instant messaging app (e.g skype*)
  • 50 mins online consulting session via an instant messaging app (e.g skype*)
  • Follow up email, containing everything discussed and designed during the session
  • We speak English
  • 20% discount for our "Complete Online Decoration" service

What we need from you to get started

To get started we need 4-6 digital photo images and a description of the space you want to change along with your contact information (e-mail & Skype* id-number) to schedule the online consultation and payment of € 149.00 (non-refundable).

Once we get your details, our designers will study your request and we will define by email the Online interior Design Consultation, based on the schedule of available dates and times.

Once the consultation has been completed you will receive a written follow up summary to help create a solid design direction that you can implement within your own time frame and as your budget allows.

* Skype is a Trademark of Skype Communications SARL and Microsoft Corporation and is not affiliated by any means with EasyWayDecor.

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